Parking Garage


The parking garage is managed by SP Plus. It contains 832 parking spaces and provides convenient access to the building. Areas of the garage are allocated for non-reserved, reserved and visitor (hourly) parking. Entrances and exits are found on Church Street, 4th Street and Poplar Street. Elevators provide easy access to the building lobby from all levels of the parking garage. For more information, please contact SP Plus at 980-224-1065.

Parking Decals

With proper authorization after executing a Garage parking contract, a decal will be affixed to your windshield by a SP+ attendant which in turn provides access to the Garage entrances. Do not loan your decal to anyone. Revocation of garage privileges is the penalty for loaning either of these items to another person.


Monthly contracts may be available for sale at the posted rate. To inquire information about their availability, please speak with the Parking Manager located in the Parking Office on the P- 4 garage level.

Monthly Parking Application


Daily parking is available at the posted rates. Payment in cash or credit and removal of the automobile is required prior to the 2 a.m. garage closing time.


The maximum garage clearance is 6' 8". Please be aware that due to low-hanging pipes and sprinkler lines there are some areas of the garage that are lower than 7'. Drivers of taller vehicles need to be particularly cautious and park on the P-1 level.


Parking for drivers with a valid handicap sticker is available. The handicap sticker must be displayed at all times when parking in a handicap space. Please stop at the Garage Manager’s office, located on Level P-4 next to the Elevator garage lobby. A Parking attendant will assist you.


For everyone's safety, the garage speed limit is 7 M.P.H. Signs are posted throughout the garage as a reminder.


Visitor Parking is available at the daily rate for visitors to tenants of Carillon.


The following rules and regulations have been implemented to provide a positive experience for all parkers and to safeguard the building and its occupants. Monthly Parking Contracts are issued to and accepted by the holder subject to the following rules and regulations. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the garage can result in cancellation of the contract.

  1. Employees of tenants of Carillon are authorized to park in the garage subject to the employer’s allotment of parking permits and lease provisions. Requests for parking permits in excess of the number specified by the lease will be handled on a space available basis.

  2. Employees of tenants of Carillon who obtain a monthly parking contract are authorized to request a parking decal.

  3. The monthly parking decals are not transferable to other persons. Lending either of these items to another person can result in the forfeiture of parking privileges.

  4. Monthly Contract parkers must affix their decal on their front windshield to enter and park in the garage.

  5. Any monthly contract holder who loses their access card should immediately speak with their firms’ facilities department. Any monthly contract holder who loses their hang-tag will be charged a replacement fee as determined by the garage manager.

  6. Parkers are expected to observe the posted speed limit of 7 miles per hour.

  7. Parkers are expected to follow the directions of the garage attendants.

  8. The Garage Manager must be notified at least 30 days prior to the date of cancellation of a contract and the employee must surrender his/her hang-tag to the garage manager.

  9. The Building Owner, Property Management Office, and the Garage Manager, are not responsible for any losses due to theft, collision, or any other damage done to vehicles in either the Building parking garage or elsewhere on the Carillon premises.

  10. Additional guidelines are listed on the Monthly Parking Information sheet. This sheet is available through the Parking Manager and must be completed prior to the original purchase of monthly parking privileges.

  11. The Carillon Garage Board reserves the right to modify or change any of the above rules and regulations at any point in time.

Monthly Contracts may be available, depending upon availability. For more information, please contact the Property Management Office or the Garage Manager.

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