Building Access

Access control is provided at Carillon 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Every tenant is issued an access card that will enable them to access areas of the building for which they are authorized. Tenants may not give or loan the card to other persons. The Carillon Property Management Office reserves the right to deny entry to anyone without proper identification or an authorized access card.

Carillon provides access control to the common areas and service corridors of the building only and does not assume any responsibility for access control in the Tenant spaces. Carillon shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property, money, or jewelry from the Leased Premises or public areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the main entrance is locked against entry.

The Carillon main entrance is located on West Trade Street. The garage is accessible from S. Poplar, Fourth Street and S. Church Street. Doors leading to all sidewalks, entries, passages, courts, corridors, stairways, elevators, and other similar areas in or to the building shall be kept closed when not in use. Doors may not be propped at any time.


The administration and maintenance of access cards should be performed by the tenant in conjunction with the Property Management Office. Access cards will provide access to base building areas.


Occasionally, it will be necessary for various people to gain access to secured areas of the Office Building, i.e., telephone closets, air handling rooms, rooftops, etc. In order to maintain the integrity of these areas, tenants must notify the Property Management Office that they have requested work to be done and access will be required. Please submit an access request form to In instances where a Security Officer must provide an escort, there may be a nominal charge.


All visitors to the building may park on levels 4-10 of the parking garage and would travel up to the lobby level using the garage elevators. Visitors would then report to the lobby security desk. All visitors will be required to show identification and sign-in. Tenants are encouraged to notify security directly in advance of visitors coming to the building. Unannounced visitors will be notified to designated tenant contacts for review and approval. Individual tenant requirements will dictate whether Security is permitted to provide visitors access to the tenant floors, or if they will require a tenant escort.